Discovering Onara

Famous DM Quote!

“I’m just sayin’”

- Ken Sheffield, 14 Nov 2008
Random Thought and Bits of Information from the DM

You enjoy a few weeks rest after taking down Blackstone’s plot. Here are some things you hear/reflect on during your break.

  • Captain Tugberth is elected mayor running unopposed
  • Rumors spread of a young initiate of Illiir working with Dareth the Sarishan, clearly the Patriarch’s words are taking root.
  • The slum quarter of town is being rebuilt more quickly than the other parts affected by the riot. Apparently this is due to the efforts of a benefactor.
  • The Coryani boy you rescued is Cassicus val Tensen. He is 14 with brown hair and gray eyes.
  • Cassicus’ father is Senator Tensen-Balin.
  • A few days after the riot each person involved in the rescue of the boy receives a note of gratitude from the senator along with a a stylized silver dagger and a potion of Cure Light Wounds – “I could not heal your wounds as you saved my son, perhaps I can cure a future wound”
  • The party receives a 2000gp reward from the city and an additional 2000gp reward from the Wizard’s Guild. The Guild will also identify any and all objects you wish them to over the next two weeks.
Wizard Riot!!!
Yarrvek Crier Front Page

In an extreme response to Mayor Tempore’s temporary ban on magic, a large contingent of the Wizard’s Guild rampaged throughout the town. An initial salvo of fire magics began the violence by striking the Town Hall and the homes of the council members residing within the city walls.

The violent uprising was put down by the City Watch with significant help from duputized citizens. Damage is estimated in the tens of thousands of gold galleons and recovery will take months.

More Murder in Yarrrrr-vek (a pirate town?)

By the Order of His Mayor Tempore Garreth Blackstone

A meeting of the city council is called

To be held at city hall and to be open to the public

At the time of noon, today

Regarding the heinous murders of beloved Arthur and Celeste Bromirth

Murder in Yarrvek!

The beautiful Celeste, wife of beloved mayor Arthur Bromirth, was murdered yesterday in the market. The city is hereby in an official state of mourning.

Bystanders could only tell that a “cloaked figure” emerged from an alleyway, launched a ball of fire at her and escaped before anyone could act.

Anyone having further information is oblidged by law to contact Kork Tugberth, Captain of the City Watch at watch headquarters.

Patriarch to Speak in Milandir

Felician val’Mehan is to speak in the city of Boskowitz on the eve of the Vernal Equinox. The city is located in Milandir on the border with Coryan, near the Coryani city of Nevanne.

What Is

Turmoil grips the lands of Onara. It is the end of an era, and a dawn of a new age. It is an age of struggle against the end of existence; an age which shall witness the rise of history’s greatest champions. Will Arcanis pass into nothingness, or shall her heroes raise her up to new heights? The Elorii look into the divining pools of the Elluwe’ as they roil with blood and know that the end times prophesied so many centuries ago are now upon us. Emerging from their forest sanctuary, they wonder if humanity can indeed weather the Storm of Silence. Each of the Shattered Empires struggles to survive. In the north, the nation of Canceri buckles under the oppressive rule of the Theocracy – most pray for death, and the rest, for deliverance. Enemies gather round the proud nation of Milandir, each one eager to pull down its bright towers and humble its defenders. Fear gnaws at Milandir's people, and they begin to lose hope. To the south, the once mighty Coryani Empire sleeps under an indifferent ruler, while its greatest general bides his time, waiting to seize the throne for his own noble house. The Imperial Court looks on like a flock of carrion crows, ready to pick apart the corpse of the land. The nascent Serpent Empire stirs with renewed vigor, the Serpent Kings no longer content to set his own subjects against one another, and instead looks to the destruction of the children of Althares.


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