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  • Quaero Lux Lucis

    Herein shalt thou find the diaries, musings, and thoughts of [[:varius]], former Legionnaire of the Legion of Searing Light, and now one …

  • Varius Scratchpad

    |[[Varius Spells|Varius Spellsheet]]|[[Varius Equipment]]|[[Varius Progression]]|[[Varius Combat]]| |[[Varius Needs]]|[[Songs of the Legion]]|[[Varius Creations]]|[[Anonio Spellbook]]|

  • Varius Mikalus Donatos

    Born as K-meq Andastu and of low station to a Toranestan swamp-fisher and his wife on 13 Vires, 988 I.C., Varius' parents tried instilling in him the separatist (and heretical) ideals of their forefathers. As a typical teen, however, Varius rebelled from …

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