Grains of Sand

In support of Praetorious, and his quest, we came to Manteii, at the far reaches of the Empire. By “we” I mean Delahk, Praetorious, Brigitte and myself. I have no idea what has become of that damnable Monk, but he certainly wasn’t around when it came time to leave. If history is any judge, he’ll show up out of nowhere.

Anyways, we found an establishment for food and rest, which never ceases to amaze me. We end up in the most bass ackwards locations, but there always seems to be a reasonable place to eat not to mention a damn fine festival. The civilizing affects of the Empire no doubt. As I was relaxing and eating, imagine my surprise when Delahk discovered that caravans had been getting hijacked leaving the town as of late. I could only conclude that some well organized force from outside the Empire had been stealing grain shipments for their own purposes. Whether to enrich themselves, or feed their army, or just to cause suffering on citizens of the Empire, it didn’t matter. In true Legionnaire fashion, Praetorious stepped up and we got volunteered to recon the problem. The merchant, a val’Holryn I believe, had put out a request for Legionnaire backup and he seemed surprised that Illiir had answered his request so promptly. In fact, as a followup a full Legion was believed to be headed in the direction of the problem, and we were just needed to identify the locale of the brigands. While in the establishment, we also made acquaintance with a travelling Bard of little renown and seemingly less talent, as well as a Ranger.

I’m not sure how the plan was set, but I am sure Praetorious was a part of it. I can see that he comes of good blood, and if his father was as good a leader as he, then his death absolutely must be avenged. The plan was that we would shadow the caravan, with one of our number (the Ranger) hidden within the wagons. Once the caravan was attacked, the drovers surrendered, and our friend Dronz snuck his way back to us. We then proceeded to follow the brigands, who turned out to be hobgoblins, into the desert. Dronz was quite impressive with his tracking skills, I am glad we met him (thank you Illiir).

The brigands left the wagons all within a circle of rocks in the middle of nowhere. It seemed rather odd, and we had some disagreement as to whether we wanted to follow the creatures, or stay with the wagons. It wasn’t until I decided to determine if the nature of the area that I discovered a magical aura permeating the whole area. After looking the place over a bit, a loud voice erupted, a large stone edifice erupted from the sand, and a path emerged down into the desrt. Brigitte and Praetorious apparently had the same idea for they both disappeared, and now we’ve all just jumped into the underground as it was about to close.

Grains of Sand

Discovering Onara Lialos