It begins

Night at the Inn

It was a long road from the Pirate Isles, but I have finally arrived. I have traveled far to get to where I am now, and I am not talking about the geography. As usual, I have to keep a low profile in my new surroundings. One must be wary of the dogs of Ymandragore when one knows the arcane.

I happened upon what appears to be an adventuring group. And good it was that I did, for I am fast approaching having any means to buy food. Two of them harp on constantly about their fallen Empire and a lost Rebel cause. The Cleric is too much in love with his crumbling Empire. The Rebel is apparently of noble blood, which of course means nothing to someone from the Isles. Ability and choices are all that matters from where I come. The dwarf interests me. He does not wear the usual garb of most dwarfs and has nobility to him that is not visible from the cover of the book. Or, perhaps he is just overly worried about matters that do no concern him … time will tell. The Fighter wears the symbols that mark him an enemy of Ymandragore. He seems good with the sword. I will surely use him as my shield if the opportunity arises. The bard is a lose cannon. I do not know if he is even that capable. I fear he is not to be trusted. On the other hand, he may be useful in helping me get a contact to sell my herbs that fog the mind. The party thinks I am a Ranger. I will play the part until I get to know them better. They are not commoners, they are seasoned crew. I suspect they have seen wizards in the past. I would like to be part of a capable group. That last group of rabble nearly got me killed. I can only hope that they find me useful.

Into the Breach

We set out to find what was ravaging the caravans and found much more than we suspected. The hobgoblins are tools for a group of Gods know what. Our mission was to find the source of the caravan’s woes, but these bold adventurers appear to want to take on the entire horde themselves. Perhaps, this group is not the one for me, they seem careless. We were to bring a legion of the empire to deal with these robbers. Now, it seams we are going to deal with them ourselves. If I am to be accepted, I cannot leave myself out. It may be the last bad choice I make, but I will follow … into the breach.

It begins

Discovering Onara dronz