Out of Character

Wherein Tripp went down to the Sheffield’s, and they discussed characters and the campaign. April 24, 2008 23:00

With Scott, Chuck, and Juli all out of town, I, Tripp, mounted up into my faithful steed, Oliver (Ollie) and went down to the Sheffield Manse in Ruther Glen, VA.

Upon arrival, I was let in by a bearded hippy type, who vaguely reminded me of the young boy Brantley that I used to know. It didn’t take long for this apparition to claim that he actually was Brantley, but that he had aged in the intervening years, grown a beard, gotten some tattoos, and become quite the liberal. So, Brantley and I did some catching up.

Later on, the Pater Familia, Ken, arrived home. He proceeded to whip himself up some concoction of meat and vegetables that initially was indistinguishable from gulash. However, once it had been placed into the magic cookbox, it came out looking alarmingly like steak and potatoes. Most disconcerting! I could not help but notice that Ken too had aged in the interrum. His casual smile had not disappeared, but his crimson beard was now laced with silver, and the auburn crown had not escaped the metallic intrusion either.

Brantley, Ken, and myself started discussing. I spelled out only four of my more than a dozen character concepts. The Bell of the Ball, Lisa arrived from the upstairs after a time, and she chimed into the discussion.

It became a bit surreal, when Ken pulled out a campaign quiz, and started asking us questions. Did we want action and adventure? Horror and romance? All of these questions focused on divining inputs into some arcane device of his, which he claims will magically let him know exactly what sort of campaign to run.

Having received communications from Scott, that it was his desire to play a Monk, and knowing Brantley’s desire to play a Fighter-Rogue, and Lisa’s speaky/talky Patrician, we determined that the party was missing three essential roles: BDF (Big Dumb Fighter), Healer, Damage Caster. It was further decided that I should be assigned the role of contacting Chuck and Juli to determine their interest in the three available roles in the party.

With that, and a couple beers, the evening concluded, and I mounted up into Ollie once again and made my way home to my desperately ill spouse.

Out of Character

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