Party Scratchpad

Party Tactics

Defeated/Encountered Enemies & Finished Plot Hooks


  • Orcs (Milandir)
  • Sewer Goblins (Yarrvek)
  • Zalania, and party – bounty hunters (Yarrvek)
  • The Fallen Valinor of Cadic (probably)
  • Harvesters
  • Tedaris val’Mehan, Illiirian ‘heretic’ (Old Coryan)


  • Llyowynn Silverbreath, elf from the Mage tower (Yarrvek)
  • Dareth, Dark-kin Sarishan cleric (Yarrvek)
  • Mayor Tugberth (Yarrvek)
  • Val Abebe Priest Librarian (Grand Coryan)
  • Decimus
  • Senator val’Tensen (Coryan)
  • Colonel Nimeus (Old Coryan)

Neutral contacts:

  • Vigo (Yarrvek)
  • Lord Galavar (Coronas)
  • Leshraik (where?)
  • General val’Tensen (Coryan)
  • Governor of Savona (Savona)
  • Gracian val’Holden – manages grain shipments, lame, blond

Shared Loot:

Disposed Of

  • Kept Loot
    • 5 gp made in Yarrvek
    • 80 Ymandrake Cerventen
    • 120 Canceri Baht
    • VindicationFalchion +1 Shocking (8,375 gp) (Praetorious Carrying)
    • Urbanity+1 Cutlass of Grace (8,315) (Delahk using)
    • Bag of Holding (Type 1) (2500 gp) (Praetorious carrying)
    • Dust of Dryness (850 gp) (Carried by Delahk)
    • Ring of the Ram (8,500 gp) (Tufa wearing – 47 charges)
    • Slippers Spider Climbing (4,000 gp) (Delahk wearing)
    • Olivewood Staff – Staff of Renewal (4/7 charges used) (Carried by Brigitte) – leaves will Resurrect, or do CCW, and leaves renew on new moon
    • Dagger +1 Engraving of Hawk (2,302 gp) (Ip carrying)
    • Ring of Freedom (5 charges) (5,000 gp) (freedom of movement 10th level)
    • Ymandragoran Cloak of Resistance +1 (2,150 gp) (Praetorious wearing)
    • Ymandragoran Ring of Protection +1 (2,000 gp) (Tufa wearing)
      • Glows deep purple in complete darkness and always feels cold to the touch
    • Scroll – Monster Summoning II (3rd level) (150 gp) (Ip carrying)
    • Scroll – Web (5th level) (150 gp) (Ip carrying)
    • Potion – Invisibility (300 gp) (Delahk carrying)
    • Potions – CLW x2 (50 gp)(Ip carrying)
    • Potions – CSW x7 (750 gp) (Each carrying one, Brigitte has two)
    • Potion – Aid (300 gp) (She carrying)
    • Potion – Shield (50 gp) (Brigitte carrying)
    • Wand – Burning Hands (3rd level) (2250 gp) (50 charges) (Ip carrying)
    • MW Longsword (315 gp) (Shevik carrying)
    • MW Gladius “Glorious”
    • Mithril Shirt (1,100 gp)
    • Nature books, including Saluwe’s Sheaf (+2 on Knowledge(Religion) checks for Saluwe)
    • Silk Rope (Delahk carrying)
    • Very nice chest (Praetorious carrying in bag)
    • Green elephant in a wooden box (Praetorious carrying in bag)
    • Ironwood Altar? – Only known to Delahk (stored at Bubbling Cauldron)
    • Saluwean robes (Praetorious carrying in bag)
    • Scroll case (carried by Ip)
    • Books from Chalice adventure
    • Books from Ymandragore adventure
    • Hawk pin (carried by Varius at his peril)
    • Hawk and Shield pins (1 each: Praetorious, Varius, Delahk, Tufa, Brigitte, Ip, Wart, Helton, Shevik)
    • Papers from Orata’s house and inventory of Harvester victims

Future Plans:

Plot Hooks:

  • Boskowitz
    • Patriarch’s involvement in Coryani-Milandesian relations. Specifically, the Patriarch’s strangely conciliatory vision of how the nations can work together
  • Yarrvek
    • Goblins in the sewers
  • Helping the Myrantians
  • Nest of the Child that set off these events
  • Trip to Elonbe
  • Explore First City?

Places to remember:

  • Bubbling Cauldron
  • Docks
  • Mage Tower
  • Office of Capt. Tugberth
  • Saluwean cave
  • Old Lighthouse/temple/formerly Gareth’s home
  • Kidnapping of Coryani kid, home of Coryani Senator
  • Ruined Coryani Keep
  • Dancing Badger Inn (Coronas)
Coryani Empire
  • Old Larrisian Temple near General Menisis va’Tensen’s villa
  • Sewers in Sweet Savona
  • Senator Tensen Balin’s house
  • Floofadie Floof
  • Forsaken Wastes: Stone ring, ellori once had a verdant forest in parts of this area, the myrantians or toressians had a civilization in this area. Voice command to open subterrainean lair.
  • Dock (and our boat)
  • Slave auction house
  • Orata’s house
  • Town square where assassination attempt occurred

To Do List:

  • Identifying the Illiiran Gladii TRIED BUT FAILED
  • Reading the books we found
  • Selling the “less useful” books and keeping the more useful ones
  • Researching the story of the Fallen Valinor and the “Dead” Sarishan Prelate
    • Note the Prelate WAS/IS dead continuing to serve Sarish was his reward in the afterlife
  • Welcome the fall of mankind. Er….I mean, figure out the riddle.
    • “Your erstwhile compatriot, while possessing a noble goal, has unwittingly begun a chain reaction that could topple the order of things upon Arcanis and may well usher in the enslavement of mankind. Due to my oath I am powerless to interfere or take an active part in upsetting the plans of a madman.
    • But you are not.
    • I urge you to involve yourselves in this conspiracy and stop it before it is too late.
    • Again, due to my Oath, I cannot say more on the matter except that the path will be made clear when you go back to the nest of the child that set off this sequence of events.”
  • Tufa tries to get possession of as many of the books as possible to add to the greater knowledge of Altheria. He is perfectly willing to let the other party members read them first and let any of those spell caster types get any of those books they seem to covet. He then tries to find an Altherian monistary or consulate to turn them in to (the books that is, not the spell casters). Afterall, magic isn’t as useful as science…
  • Ip needs to join the Merchants Guild. Those guys are going to notice him eventually and then it gets ugly.


Party Scratchpad

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