Delahk Bloodbeard

Dwarf - Tultipet, male, Rogue 3/Fighter 2/Assassin 1


Delahk is very dexterous and agile, philosophical and wise, yet slightly frail due to his thinner stature. He is a good speaker but is often taken less seriously because of his tattooed appearance. He’s a tumbling jumper. He’s the freaking Tasmanian devil. He also likes to shoot shit. He speaks in Dwarven most of the time, particularly if he’s mumbling, and may be irritated if he has to translate everything he says to someone that doesn’t understand his native language.


Dwarven/Giant, Low Coryani, High Coryani, Low Khitan, Ancient Altharin, Elorii


Streetwise, Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Flanking Shot, Leadership/Precise Shot

Dwarf (Tultipetan) traits:

+2 Wis/-2 Con, Darkvision 60 ft., +2 save vs. spells/poison, +4 Craft, +2 stonecunning (search @ 10 ft.), +4 vs. bullrush/trip, Waraxes/urgoshes martial, Weight of the Curse, +1 attack/+4 dodge vs. Voei, Augury 1/day.

Class Traits:

Sneak Attack 3d6, Trapfinding, Martial/Simple/Rogue weapons (+ Sabre), all armor and shields, Evasion, trap sense +1, use poison, death attack, assassin spells


Nether Studded Leather Armor, Homo Mortis Composite Longbow, Urbanity Cutlass, Blackleaf Darkwood Buckler, Daggers, Monk’s outfit

Appraise 3/5 0 3 2r Strength 12 +1 Armor Class 20
Balance 9 3 4 2s Dexterity 18 +4 Fortitude +3
Black Market 5 1 3 1f Constitution 8 -1 Reflex +9/+1 (trap sense)
Bluff 6 5 0 1f Intelligence 16 +3 Will +4
Craft (Tattoo) 8 1 3 4r Wisdom 16 +3 Melee Attack +9/+2 dam
Craft (Poison) 14 5 3 4r2s Charisma 10 0 Ranged Attack +11/+3 dam
Diplomacy 2 0 0 2s
Disable Device 10 7cc 3 0 Init +4
Disguise 6 4 0 2s Hit Points 25
Gather Info 6 5 0 1f BAB +4
Heal 8 0 3 4i
Hide 18 9cc 4 5i
Intimidate 3 0 0 3sf
Jump 8 5 1 2s
Knowledge (nobility) 5 0 3 2book
Listen 5 2 3 0
Move Silently 13 9cc 4 0
Open Lock 18 7 4 2i5i Knock
Profession (Herbalist) 5 2 3 0
Research 8 5 3 0
Search 8/10 5 3 2r
Sense Motive 4 1 3 0
Sleight of Hand 7 1 4 2s
Spot 5 2 3 0
Tumble 13 7 4 2s

Delahk possible future development



driven, tight-lipped, prophetic, proverbial, occassionally pompous, distrusting

  • Delahk is actually proud to be a dwarf. He hates that other dwarves have bought into the ‘curse’ so heavily. The more autonomously dwarves act, the less power the gods have over them. Why should they treat themselves as weaker and less important than humans when they are just as powerful?
  • He generally dislikes the gods, particularly Illiir for his bullshit curse. Why must the masses bow in servitude when they have the ability to empower themselves by uniting as one?
  • To fight the system, Delahk advocates personal action and less reliance on governance. He’s pretty good at killing people and sneaking around, so he figures that’s how he can contribute. He’s also a bit full of himself, which means he often wants to make the decisions like who should be killed, why, and what good will come of it.
  • He fights for equality, taking power from despots and politicians to bring everyone down to the same level (of misery as much as happiness). It is time for Dwarves and other races to step up to the humans and their Gods (or to bring them down).
  • He is immaterialistic, recognizing that materialism and possession lead to classism. Delahk wants to break down classifications of people and bring everyone to the same level, which may mean separating certain people from their possessions.
  • He loves the custom of tattooing native to his people and has taken up the practice. He chooses tattoos for himself based almost solely from his visions that he finds most moving.


  • Delahk was born in Tultipet, and as such grew up among oracles and sages that taught him the power and pride of their intrinsic visions. From his enclave’s monks he learned the power of quickness and agility and the wisdom found throughout the people and nature all around him.
  • Despite learning many things from his peers and mentors at home, Delahk was a bit of a social outcast there because of his political and social beliefs. He left his enclave when he had a vision in which an animated olive tree veiled in shadow topples a brilliant pillar of white light, encasing the world in darkness, seeing this as a possible opportunity for him to bring social change. He joined a merchant caravan as a tattoo artist as a means of traveling the world in search of the opportunity.

For further information, consult his journal here:

Delahk Bloodbeard

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