Varius Mikalus Donatos

Coryani Cleric of Illiir


Cleric (Illiir) / Church Inquisitor 4/3


STR 12 +1
DEX 14 +2
CON 10 +0
INT 14 +2
WIS 17 +3
CHA 12 +1


Save Base Stat Total
Fort +5 0 +5
Ref +2 +2 +4
Will +7 +3 +10

Feats: Legionnaire (1st), Improved Initiative (1st), Martial Weapon Proficiency (Gladius)(Illiir), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Gladius)(Illiir), Weapon Focus (Gladius)(Illiir), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Lorica Segmentata)(Legionnaire), Strength of the Coryani Heart (Glory)(Illiir), Augment Healing (3rd), Divine Maximize (6th)

Languages: Low Coryani, High Coryani, Ancient Altharin (Ancient Imperial), Myrantian

Class Traits:

Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: Clerics of Illiir gain Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Gladius).

Domains: Glory, Holy, Honor, Inquisition, Protection, Refuge, Sun, and War.

Favored Weapon: Gladius (Blinding Truth).

Detect Evil (Sp): A church inquisitor can use detect evil at will as a spell-like ability.

Immune to Charms (Ex): A church inquisitor of 2nd level or higher is immune to all enchantment (charm) spells and effects.

Restricted Spellcasting: Clerics of Illiir may not cast any spell with the Shadow or Darkness descriptors. (Examples include chilling darkness, darkness, deeper darkness, etc.)

Tenets of Faith: Most clerics of Illiir are male. They are forbidden to mate with female clerics of Saluwé. The only known female clerics of Illiir form a small sect of nuns in Grand Coryan called “The Sisters of the Sun.”

Pierce Illusion (Su): At 3rd level, the church inquisitor gains the supernatural ability to penetrate illusions and disguises at will. Whenever an inquisitor sees an illusion or disguise spell of any sort, he immediately makes a Will save to see through it. The inquisitor need not interact with or touch the illusion, visual contact is enough to give the Will save.

Turn Undead: Clerics of Illiir have an effective level for turning most types of undead that is one level lower than their cleric level. However, against any undead creature that is adversely affected by sunlight, such as a spectre, vampire, or wraith, or any undead with the Shadow subtype or descriptor, a cleric of Illiir has an effective turning level that is one level higher than his cleric level, and he gains +1d6 bonus turning damage upon making a successful turning check against these types of creatures.


Skill Modifier Ability Ranks Misc
Balance +1 +2 0 -1
Climb +0 +1 0 -1
Concentration +9 +0 9 0
Decipher Script +11 +2 9 0
Diplomacy +1/(+2) +1 0 (+1)
Heal +8 +3 5 0
Hide +0 +1 0 -1
Intimidate +1 +1 0 0
Jump +0 +1 0 -1
Knowledge (arcana) +7 +2 5 0
Knowledge (religion) +9 +2 5 +2 (planar book)
Listen +3 +3 0 0
Move Silently +15 +2 9 -1 (armor) +5 (armor)
Profession (Preacher) +7 +3 2 +2
Profession (Lawman) +7 +3 2 +2
Ride +2 +2 0 0
Search +2 +2 0 0
Sense Motive +3 +3 0 0
Spellcraft +14 +2 10 +2
Spot +3 +3 0 0
Swim -1 +1 0 -2


Weapon Base Stat Misc Total Damage Crit Range
GMW Gladius +1 +5 +1 +2 +8 1d8+2 19-20/x2 N/A
Light Pila +5 +2 0 +7 1d6 x2 20’
Light Crossbow +5 +2 0 +7 d8 19-20/x2 80’
Dagger +5 +2 0 +7 d4 19-20/x2 10’
Spiritual Gladius +5 +3 0 +8 d8+1 19-20/x2 170’
Searing Light +5 +3 0 +8 3d8 20/x2 170’


Source Amount
GMW Lorica Segmentata +2 +7
GMW Heavy Steel Shield +2 +4
Dexterity +2
Total +13


Use Cleric’s Level – 1, except for undead vulnerable to sunlight, which are Cleric’s level +1 and +1d6 turning damage.

Hit Points

Hit Points: 41


Init: 2+4=6


Born as K-meq Andastu and of low station to a Toranestan swamp-fisher and his wife on 13 Vires, 988 I.C., Varius’ parents tried instilling in him the separatist (and heretical) ideals of their forefathers. As a typical teen, however, Varius rebelled from the teachings of his parents and yearned for the glory and honor of the Legions that he heard about from the occasional bard passing through. While the life goal of his two older sisters was to marry up in station, possibly to a camel herder or lumberman, Varius spent his time trying to determine a way to run off and live the adventures that he imagined every legionnaire must enjoy. Eventually, the compulsion became too strong, and he managed to escape on the family skiff through the swamps and make his way into the nearest town and from there to a recruiter for the Legion of Searing Light, where he joined under an assumed name to hide the shame of his upbringing. At that time, the Legion of Searing Light was just preparing to embark on an effort to instill some order to areas of the Hinterlands. It was there that Varius first got a taste of the “glory” of battle, as he watched men that he respected being torn apart by the barbarians, or even worse after a victory, the way the veterans would auction off the spoils of war and make fun of the vanquished. Surely this isn’t how the golden legions of antiquity behaved. At that time, Varius began to wonder at the differences between the ideal and the reality. Twenty years of hard service in the Legion melded Varius into a strong man, albeit one a bit on the lean side. His demeanor is pleasant to those he trusts and enjoys their company, but gruff to outsiders. He makes friends slowly, and certainly not with anyone who he hasn’t fought besides. He values honesty in thought and deed, and despises cowardice and avarice.

Varius Mikalus Donatos

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