A Letter to Günter

Dear Günter,

I want to apologize for my last letter. I was childish and silly. I was mad at you when all you did was obey your parents and not tell me I had been promised to you from the time I was born. You’ve had so much more time to get used to the idea of our being married.

I’ve thought about the question you asked before you left for Altheria. Yes Günter, I would have married you if you’d asked me. You’re my best friend (and the best dancer I’ve ever had the pleasure of walking onto the floor with). Yes, I would have married you – and – I miss you! I understand your determination to serve with the Shining Patrol, your desire to be honorable. Even as I hate that it took you away, I love that about you.

I understand the reason for the machinations behind our engagement. I’m still mad, but I understand. I’m not just still mad at you; I’m also still mad at my parents and Uncle Victor. I’m just still plain mad. I’ll get over it I’m sure, but I beg of you a little time for me to adjust.

I should update you on my life. After you left I felt adrift, so after a little thought, a very little thought, I decided to travel. Uncle Victor made sure I’d have company, protection and in some ways, someone to answer to – and for. I am being accompanied by Shevik and Helton. Shevik said you had been on exercises with them. I am glad for not only their swords, but their friendship and loyalty. We first went to Boscowitz to see Felician val’Mehan speak and now we are in Yarrvek. We arrived in Yarrvek when the town was in mourning for the mayor, Arthur Bromirth’s, wife Celeste. I have made the acquaintance of several other travelers and will be passing the time with them while here in Yarrvek. (I don’t remember this town being so different – I’ve never been around so many wizards)!

Most importantly, know I love you and I’m ready to be your wife – no more silliness. I hope you can forgive me for all the harsh words and unkindness. You didn’t deserve them. Take care of yourself – for me.

I love you,


A Letter to Günter

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