Between a Stone and a Bunch of Monsters

Delahk Bloodbeard

Journal Home – Bitter Mumblings

Entry 11 – 10/30/08

It’s nice to see the group working so well together. Fortifying our campsite to rest and heal for a few days after being ravaged by those forest abominations. Working through differences on the small scale gives hope of such possibility on larger ones. One day Onara will be faced with a crisis only defeatable through unity. I wonder if we will be ready.

I wonder if we will be ready.

It was a beautiful site. Rubble and overgrowth. Desertion. A glimpse of the future locked away in the present. This castle probably once held overlords and administrators. I wonder how those positions turned out for them, judging by the remains of this formerly ‘glorious’ work of architecture. A symbol of the mortality of empire.

The crunch of gravel under my soft boots gives such a homey comfort, a warm nostalgia. Long bright rays of sun piercing the shadows that embrace the crumbled walls of this ruin remind me of the light of my long-left mountain. I can’t keep my thoughts away from the longing glow of the clan’s beloved Heartstone. But being so comfortable often leads to making simple mistakes.

Leading the team from room to room, clearing each one at a time. It’s an odd feeling, this giving orders thing. Suggestions, really, because I expect no more heed than I give. But listened they did, as I crept and hid, tumbling and peering around corners. Leading into battles against a great worm, vicious entangling vines, and flying, terrifying humanoid with the scream of a thousand wailing undead. But we prevailed, molding our collective actions into a great machine.

I’ve really got to be more careful with locks, though. I must remember to focus and meditate, for my fingers will never be able to overcome them alone. My thoughts will always be able to see more clearly than my eyes. It’s all in my head.

It’s all in my head.

It’s funny how poison feels. So tired. So heavy. Skin so pale even my ink looks sick.

Between a Stone and a Bunch of Monsters

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