Domain Spells for Hurrian

Domain Abilities

Air Turn or destroy earth creatures as a good cleric turns undead. Rebuke, command, or bolster air creatures as an evil cleric rebukes undead. Use these abilities a total number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. This granted power is a supernatural ability.
Holy Choose one from Chaos, Evil, Good or Law depending on your alignment (e.g. Lawful Good may choose either Law or Good). This choice applies to the domain spell for each level when there are different versions of alignment-dependent spells. You cast all holy domain spells at +1 caster level.
Protection You can generate a protective ward as a supernatural ability. Grant someone you touch a resistance bonus equal to your cleric level on his or her next saving throw. Activating this power is a standard action. The protective ward is an abjuration effect with a duration of 1 hour that is usable once per day.
Refuge Belisarda (Elonbé), Fire Dragon, Hurrian, and Illiir.
Storm Once per day, you can predict the natural weather for the next 24 hours with perfect accuracy.
Strength You can perform a feat of strength as a supernatural ability. You gain an enhancement bonus to Strength equal to your cleric level. Activating the power is a free action, the power lasts 1 round, and it is usable once per day.
War Free Martial Weapon Proficiency with deity’s favored weapon (if necessary) and Weapon Focus with the deity’s favored weapon.

Level 0

Create Water Creates 2 gallons/level of pure water.
Cure Minor Wounds Cures 1 point of damage.
Detect Magic Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Detect Poison Detects poison in one creature or object.
Guidance +1 on one attack roll, saving throw, or skill check.
Inflict Minor Wounds Touch attack, 1 point of damage.
Light Object shines like a torch.
Mending Makes minor repairs on an object.
Purify Food and Drink Purifies 1 cu. ft./level of food or water.
Read Magic Read scrolls and spellbooks.
Resistance Subject gains +1 on saving throws.
Virtue Subject gains 1 temporary hp.

Level 1

Alter Wind Storm Change the strength and direction of the wind for a short while.
Enlarge Person Strength Humanoid creature doubles in size.
Magic Weapon War Weapon gains +1 bonus.
Obscuring Mist Air Fog surrounds you.
Protection from Evil Holy +2 to AC and saves, counter mind control, hedge out elementals and outsiders.
Sanctuary Protection Opponents can’t attack you, and you can’t attack.
Shield Refuge Invisible disc gives +4 to AC, blocks magic missiles.

Level 2

Aid Holy +1 on attack rolls and saves against fear, 1d8 temporary hp +1/level (max +10).
Bull’s Strength Strength Subject gains +4 to Str for 1 min./level.
Endure Elements Storm Exist comfortably in hot or cold environments.
Shield Other Refuge, Protection You take half of subject’s damage.
Spiritual Weapon War Magic weapon attacks on its own.
Wind Wall Air Deflects arrows, smaller creatures, and gases.

Level 3

Gaseous Form Air Subject becomes insubstantial and can fly slowly.
Glyph of Warding Refuge Inscription harms those who pass it.
Lightning Bolt Storm Electricity deals 1d6/level damage.
Magic Circle Against Evil Holy As protection spells, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level.
Magic Vestment Strength, War Armor or shield gains +1 enhancement per four levels.
Protection from Energy Protection Absorb 12 points/level of damage from one kind of energy.

Level 4

Air Walk Air Subject treads on air as if solid (climb at 45-degree angle).
Call Lightning Storm Storm As call lightning, but 5d6 damage per bolt.
Divine Power War You gain attack bonus, +6 to Str, and 1 hp/level.
Divine Smite Holy Damages and blinds creatures of your opposite alignment.
Shield Other, Improved Refuge You take 75% of subject’s damage, and the subject gains a +2 deflection bonus and a +2 resistance bonus.
Spell Immunity Protection, Strength Subject is immune to one spell per four levels.

Level 5

Control Winds Air, Storm Change wind direction and speed.
Dispel Evil Holy +4 bonus against attacks by evil creatures.
Flame Strike War Smite foes with divine fire (1d6/level damage).
Hallow Refuge Designates location as holy.
Righteous Might Strength Your size increases, and you gain combat bonuses.
Spell Resistance Protection Subject gains SR 12 + level.

Domain Spells for Hurrian

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