Dear Gunther,

Yet another first in my life – I’ve met a gnome! We were having dinner at The Bubbling Cauldron (you and I must have dinner there – the food is incredible) when this pitiful, little hunchbacked gnome came in looking for us – the heroes. Our deeds must be the talk of the town! This gnome says he stole a gem from a merchant, sold it to a wizard and has now had a bounty put on his head by the merchant. He said he tried to find the wizard to get the gem back, but the wizard had gone off in search of some ruins. Of course my first thought (and Varius’s) was to take him to Captain Tugberth, but Kiro (the gnome’s name) truly believes he’ll be killed in jail.

Varius is showing an intolerance of gnomes that is shameful. I guess he is of the opinion that Illir finds the mating of humans and his cursed ones an abomination. I read somewhere that there are Dwarven priest of Beltine who believe the Gnomes are part of the curse of Illir. That since when Gnomes mate they produce another Gnome and something about that being the new race of Dwarfs or something like that. I don’t understand all the implications or the philosophy behind their thinking – and until I met Kiro I didn’t really want to make time to understand it, but now I think I will. Maybe Delahk could take us to those Beltine priests! I would like to hear firsthand their reasoning. Regardless, in my mind Illir cursed the Dwarfs, not the Gnomes. Varius should be mad at the human and Dwarf (or at least one of them if this was a case of pregnancy by force) who decided to create this tragic creature. In all the years we’ve known each other you and I have never discussed Gnomes… I hope you are not as intolerable as Varius. Of our group it seems only that only Ip and myself (and Praetorius to some extent) felt sympathy for the little one.

Praetorius fortunately brought up the fact that we – well, we have no hard facts. The merchant isn’t here to accuse Kiro, so… Varius finally relented and decided he’d help the little guy. Kiro said he could take us to the inn where he sold the gem to the wizard, he said the ruins the wizard was off to find were close by this inn. We decided to take him with us – and then the bounty hunters showed up! Varius tried to cover it up, but I think he found the woman leading the bounty hunters alluring. Maybe that’s why he gave her the ring of warmth we as a group found! I guess that should be explained…

The bounty hunters arrived and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to persuade them (nicely or not) to let us leave. I thought we’d have to fight the dogs – right in the middle of the home of the best food ever. They finally started to see reason and decided to let us take Kiro with us if we left something with them – a good faith deposit if you will. I was ready to leave my broach and a few other “trinkets” when Varius pulls out the ring. This ring is worth a small fortune and he hands it over without consulting the rest of us. I’m not so sure having him hold onto the group’s treasure is such a good idea if he’s going to become smitten with every woman who can fight! Maybe that makes you safe for the time being – no one would ever call me an accomplished fighter! Have I mentioned that I miss you? I can see you smile as I write that! Anyway, the dogs accepted the ring. I had worded my promises so carefully, and had planned to leave them with items of little value that we could live without, but no, now all my carefully thought out words are of no use, we have to come back for the ring! Argh!

These bounty hunter dogs SHOULD NOT be allowed to kill the pathetic one. He must be brought before Captain Tugberth if we find a case against him, if not, I may just keep him with me. I hope that wouldn’t bother you. I guess I could send him to my parents or Uncle Victor, but I don’t remember what their feelings on gnomes are, so I can’t chance it. Regardless I feel bound by my duty as a val to help him – regardless of Varius’s feelings.

Since my travels began, I finally got to use Sarish’s gift! This was so much more interesting to word than some merchant’s agreement. I oath bound the little one (not the dwarf, silly) to stay with us. He has promised to show us the way to the inn where he sold the gem to the wizard.

I know wizards need gems for certain spells, but I foolishly chose a dance class over a class on Arcana, so I wouldn’t know what spell goes with what gem.

We’re off in the morning – we’ve agreed to return in seven days time. While we travel I’m going to try to determine the best course of action for once we return. I miss having you to talk to. I’m sure you could help me determine what’s best.

All my love,



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