Riding is so tiring

My dearest Günter,

We’ve traveled two days and I am so tired! I feel like I could sleep for days! We leave in the morning to find the ruins so I won’t even be able to sleep in! Yes, yes – I know I could be at home, sleeping in, having my breakfast brought to me on a tray – with flowers to cheer me. I know you are rolling your eyes at your precious bride – sleeping on the ground, no roomy tent, no servants – and doing this voluntarily!!! Yes, I know you’d rather have me home, but you’re not home, so…

Today we made it to the inn Kiro swore he could lead us too – just as he promised. Praetorius and I went in to this ramshackle establishment to find out what we could about the wizard and the ruins. We met one of those people (the barkeep in this case) who always has their hand out – “I’ll tell you, if you buy a drink.” We did – there’s watered wine and then there’s watery wine! But at least we found out what we needed to know. Now we sit making watch decisions. I want to write more, but I think I’m going to get to go to sleep.

I miss you so much,


Riding is so tiring

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