Shoot Your Leaders Down

Delahk Bloodbeard

Journal Home – Bitter Mumblings

Entry 9 – 10/16/08

I always knew he had something up his sleeve. I think maybe I have a knack for these kinds of predictions. Now as for anyone listening to me, that’s another matter.

Brigitte translated an orcish note we recovered in those wretched caves which spoke of a ‘meeting to deliver the goods’. So of course we showed up. Hid in trees all night waiting for something to happen, but nothing did.

The next morning we investigate the old lighthouse which was visible from our supposed meeting spot. Turns out this is where Gareth was living. Some surprise, right?

So we get a writ from the Captain and head over so-official-like. “We have a writ, we have a writ! Let us in!” Well, at least it worked, haha.

The place is lavishly furnished and eerily quiet. We didn’t encounter a soul in there (well, mostly).

Rummaging around we find some incriminating documents and ledgers tying Blackstone to the murders, running numbers, and his profound obsession with the dead Mayor’s dead wife. Oh yeah, we also happen across a mimic and f@#$ing flesh golem. Great! Arrows don’t seem to work on beasties-sans-organs.

Some of our recovered magic items have added a new level of unpredictability to our combat. Every once in a while half of us will double in size. Or someone will throw a lightning bolt. When did fighting get so flashy?!

Before heading to the top of the tower, the party agrees to send for the Captain and aid in case there would be too much to handle with our exhausted hands. Turns out Brigitte made a pretty good decision because the gates of hell were waiting for us up there. The Captain and the elf mage took care of what turned out to be a Shield Guardian and left us the opportunity to watch Gareth throw himself over the edge and splatter on the rocks below. Good riddance, I say. Though some answers before would have been mildly entertaining, I’m sure.

Ah, it would appear that Captain Tugberth is now Mayor Tugberth, following a speedy and unchallenged election in what is now the second unplanned mayor change in what…two weeks? Tumult. I’m sure even Varius would agree. I’m going to keep my eye on the appointment of the next captain of the watch. Big shoes to fill, I imagine. And I should probably have a good idea of his character in the event we (or, really, I just mean ‘I’) have a run in with the law at some point in the future.

The city is slowly, but surely being rebuilt. I’m doing what I can to help the slums. When we split the rewards we got from the city and the Wizard’s guild they can expect my next contribution. It’s been nice helping them rebuild, too. Keeps my mind on what I’m fighting for instead of getting lost in the temptations of goods and glory.

When all this blows over and we’ve gotten some rest, I wonder which mountain we shall cross next.

Shoot Your Leaders Down

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