The House of Light

At first I could hardly believe my eyes, the chest at the bottom of the bed had attacked Brigitte. My immediate response was to attempt to call upon the powers of Illiir’s light to stop that thing from moving which should not be moving. Alas, my understanding of the machinations of magic and evil is far from complete, as while I felt the power of Illiir coursing through my body, it made no effect upon the creature, for creature it must have been, due to the guts and gore that came out of it after we beat it down.

The gentle climb upwards within the Lighthouse, presumably towards the light itself, is strangely a microcosm of my own quaero lux lucis. At each turn, we encountered vile traps, disgusting clues, and in some cases, hints at the true nature of Gareth Blackstone who appears to have had a fascination both with the arcane, and with the former first lady of Yarrvek, Celeste.

In the end, we struggled through, defeating an even more horrible creature, a Flesh Golem, but our resources were exhausted. With two of our number down, but breathing, I felt helpless. Fair Illiir, you have placed me with these adventurers, and I keep finding myself unworthy of the task you have set before me. The challenges we can overcome, but my abilities are lacking when it comes to healing my companions after the fact. Your benevolence is rarely noted by many O’ Light of the World, but it is important to me that you know that I recognize it. the way that some of them disrespect you, but still you allow your healing grace to be used upon them; I am unworthy, and my thoughts are unworthy, as even when I am reaching forth to sustain a fallen comrade, I am asking myself, “will He allow his blessings upon this one who has shown no love for Illiir,” and yet you never refuse to help them. I shall continue to trudge on, in hopes that I can better understand your plan Glorious Light, and I will continue to pray and apologize to you as I fail you.

So, we had to send for Captain Tugberth and Silverbreath near the end, because we were exhausted. Luckily they came with all due speed and were able to defeat the last couple obstacles to clear out the building. In fact, Tugberth already had Blackstone in custody as a person of interest. It will remain to be seen where our path goes in the future, but hopefully we have some time to rest and recover.

The House of Light

Discovering Onara Lialos