Warts and All

Delahk Bloodbeard

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Entry 10 – 10/18/08

I never would have guessed that this would have been what my comrades chose as their next adventure following our three weeks off. Maybe the few that worked in the slums with me got a glimpse of the hardship of most people’s lives. But I can’t explain what drove the rest of them: a merchant and a priss-pot.

A gnome. Warty, dirty, and mildly annoying. Stole something, sold it, and lost the money (or so I imagine). Now the John Q’s are after him (or at least the jewel he stole) and he needs someone to save his life. Now normally, the idea of a dwarf sinking low enough to produce offspring with a human makes me too sick to think, but in the end they are just people like the rest of us. I was surprised, however, by the willingness of everyone else to listen to him. To buy him food and drinks, even!

So as he spills his story, face down in a bowl of the young Legionnaire’s dinner, in come the party-pooping bounty hunters. If I wasn’t sold on helping the little bugger, and by no means was I, I’d almost go along with turning him over to the ‘law’. But if his story wasn’t enough to convince me to help him, the snotty self-righteous attitudes of those arseholes was. I was ready to gut them right then and there. Coming into MY favorite bar like they own the place. But the rest of the group just felt like talking, talking, and giving them our expensive items as ‘collateral’. Psht, or for them to just r-u-n-n-o-f-t with the goods and never show back up.

Somehow the negotiations end, and suddenly we’re 12,000gp lighter and have but one week to return with the stolen item (which evidently is less expensive than the ring we forked over). Great. We get some horses and head to some backwater town, Fairdale, to ask for directions to the ruins. We get them and head out, making camp some hour later.

To then be attacked by enormous beasts that look like bears with beaks and feathers. They pretty much ravage the party. All but two or so of us are down and dying at the end. It’s three days into our allowed week, and we’re already nearly dead. Great plan, guys, great plan.

A 12,000gp ring could have, alone, been enough to pay for reconstruction of the slum quarter. Now some two bit bounty hunters with the tact of a butt pimple are gonna be living lavishly and learning nothing from it. I have a feeling I’ll be tracking them down some day. Teaching their egos a thing or two. If I live through the mess we’ve gotten into.

Warts and All

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