My dearest Günter,

I can’t believe we survived the night!!! After my last letter – actually the very night I finished writing you, we were attacked in the middle of the night. I am ashamed to admit it, but I slept through most of the fight (I told you I was sleepy). It appears that these feathery-furry, clawy-beaky beasts decided to have horse for dinner! Two of our horses were killed by the beasts – my three horses remained unscathed though – praise be to Sarish! The fight was won in the end – I wish I’d taken you seriously when you wanted to teach me to be a better shot – who would have thought I’d have such a need for it a few years ago. When we are together again I’m ready for you to teach me!!!

This morning Praetorius suggested we make a fortress of types and “rest” inside this. Varius is a competent healer, but those feathery-furry, clawy-beaky creatures really did us a great deal of damage! We need a couple of days rest and the fortress idea seems a fairly good plan, of course we could have gone back to the inn, but I think Praetorius wants to show his worth and I wanted to help him. I did make some suggestions about how to construct the fortifications – just a few ideas that seemed logical. Even though I could tell it was bothering him, he incorporated almost all my suggestions. Why is it that even in this enlightened, modern age, girls aren’t taken seriously – except they thought I’d know how to skin and carve a horse – me – what a laugh! Thankfully Shevik knew how and quickly accomplished the task – then I did cook the poor beast. I am glad I brought along my cache of spices I’ve been collecting. Sadly the only one who noticed was the gnome – it was surprisingly good for horse! I realized, while writing this, that you feel similarly about girls – I wonder what your face looked like when you read that I gave Praetorius suggestions on the fortifications – and that he used them! What will you do when my letters finally catch up to you? Your wife is able to contribute, not just look pretty, dance well and figure everyone around her out – well except you – you still puzzle me – but enough about that.

Günter, I don’t want to go back to my old life anytime soon. I know I said I’ve been dead more than once, but even though Varius can be a bit too “lawlessness, brigands, murderers…,” he also seems to be able to keep us alive and I trust him (it’s doubtful I’d ever tell him that though). He even has said, more than once, that he believes in what the Patriarch said in Boscowitz – unity of the Pantheon. I’m starting to think my mother’s right and I should continue in the family’s tradition with the Followers. I almost think I should drag this motley crew back to Naeraanth and talk face-to-face with my parents about my change of heart. At least they’ll be happy about that – even if they’d like me to serve in a more sedate way. Maybe they’ll feel better about my “traipsing all over Milandir” if they meet Varius and Praetorius. Assuming Varius can keep his mouth shut about renegade provinces and Milandir being so “lawless.” I also might try to make my way to Altheria to see you. I miss you, Günter. I miss having you to confide in and your words of comfort at my silly fears (at least they seem silly now I’ve had a piece of furniture punch me and not let go). I miss my constant companion and I’m finally able to forgive you for not telling me about the marriage contract. I forgive you! I was never able to stay mad at you for long. Please be careful out there – as I will be here. But enough about that before I start to cry – and I can’t have my comrade’s see that!

I am studying the Dwarven language, but I dare not let Delahk know. What fun would it be if he knew I understood all his bitter mumblings? I’ll tell him soon enough though – I’m hoping he’ll help me practice my pronunciation. I am also going to continue studying the Saluwean text we found what seems like years ago! I want to find a book on the geography of Onara. I can’t believe I told my mother my grade in geography wasn’t important because I’d never need it anyway. I’m needing it now – it’s going to take forever to find those ruins – we have no one to guide us. I’ll write you and let you know what happens when (not if – when) we find the ruins. I may even send all these letters to you when we get back to Yarrvek. I think I’m ready for you to know what I’m feeling for you now.

All my love,



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